PROTECH TRANS INC recycle nylon 6 and nylon 66 yarn waste for injection molding and compounding.

Nylon Resin compounds, specializing in Nylon 6 and Nylon 66. In this area we have maintained a high profile based on the continuous improvement of existing products, development of new products, and research of new processes and technologies.

We buy Polyester Yarn Waste and Polyester Lumps from Polyester manufacturers now. PET bottles and PET flakes can also be recycled.

S ECONDLY, it is a trader of FootWear, catering primarily to importers and local distributors of shoes, fashion bags, and so on. Our showroom/shop is located at Springwood Arndale Shopping Centre of Brisbane, Australia. This service extends to the supply of all retailers and direct customers.

T HIRDLY, it is a Buying Agent for importers world-wide, exporting water tanks, furniture, cabinets, outdoor products, green home products, marble, plastic products, and so on. We also specialize in sourcing factory-direct products for our customers. Just provide us with the opportunity to exercise our expertise and we can then show you our sincere aim for long-term cooperation.

Our strength and success in these areas stems from our policy of determining the needs of each individual customer, and providing best products in meeting their requirements. We believe you will agree that your time and energy are best spent in manufacturing and marketing your own products, and we are here to make sure that you have a continuous, timely and worry-free supply of nylon resin and footwear.

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