The key factor to control the quality of our products is the stability of the material which we are regularly supplied. To achieve this goal, we enter a contract with most of suppliers for long term. Whenever the new material comes, we try and test before we put into our standard material. At present, the material of the chips are basically made by the world's most famous fiber manufacturers such as DuPont, Invista, Honeywell, Toray and so on... All the fibers are clearly sorted and separated by type, and they are all well packed. So the chips are either pure nylon 6 or nylon 66 without any contamination. The color and properties are stable because each lot of the products are recorded and analyzed. We can say, those materials are the best in the recycle world.

The recycled nylon chips are made by ourselves which we have regular control of moisture, R.V., color and TiO2 content. To users, it is always cost effective.
To reduce your cost, we offer Inventory from time to time.
Since we keep buying material from most famous fiber manufacturers, we are able to obtain some of their inventory at very competitive prices to reduce customers' cost.
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