We, Protech Trans Inc., recycle 550 tons of nylon materials every month, which includes waste nylon yarn, waste nylon fabrics, off-grade nylon pellets, nylon lumps, or nylon oligomer, etc....

Our total demand of nylon 6 and nylon 66 materials are 350 tons in Taiwan and 200 tons in China every month. We are able to use all different types of nylon if it is pure nylon without any contamination.

Following photos and descriptions are for your reference.


What we Need


Waste nylon yarn:

It could be POY, FDY, DTY, ATY or any yarn waste from the production. We don't mind how many denier or how many filaments, but it must be pure nylon 6 or pure nylon 66.

Waste nylon fabrics:

It could be waste nylon fabrics from rain coat, tire cord or any pure nylon fabrics. We don't use the fabrics mix nylon and polyester together.

Off-grade nylon pellets:

If you have any nylon pellets, which moisture, viscosity or size are not constant and not able to be used for textile, please inform us. We are able to recycle them for injection molding.

Nylon lumps:

If you have any nylon lumps from production, please don't regrind it. We are able to recycle it in lumps form.


Nylon oligomer:

Some CPL can not polymer properly in the production, which may contains monomer. Please inform us if you have this material.


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